7 Insightful Podcasts for Financial Advisors [2022 Curation]

Dec 13, 2022 | Blog Posts

In case you’ve been telling yourself , you deserve to take a break this holiday season, regardless of whether and how you celebrate. Over the last year, financial advisors have been navigating extremely unique challenges. Getting investors on the same page isn’t always easy, and it’s understandable that you may be feeling ready to decompress.

If you’re looking for a change of pace that’s still productive, why not catch up on some of the year’s most interesting podcasts? Here are some favorites from the team at CircleBlack, speaking to themes that we see important to the industry.

  1. Clinical Psychologist Shares the Science Behind Behavior Change
    Publisher: Barrons

In our uncertain economy, it’s helpful to return to the roots of human decision-making. How does our mind work? How are our beliefs formed? Exploring these questions, Dr. Joy Lere discusses tools and techniques that financial advisors can use to guide positive change for clients.

This podcast episode was published on June 21, 2022. You can access it here.

  1. The Admired Advisor
    Publisher: Standard Deviations

Podcast host Dr. Daniel Crosby sits down with Steve Atkinson, managing director for advisor relations at Buckingham. He oversees relationship experience the advisors and their clients have with the firm. Based on this perspective, Atkinson shares why he thinks behavioral attributes are the right criteria for making someone a trusted advisor. Atkinson also shares his perspective about where the financial advisory industry is headed and how to eliminate high effort/low impact advisor behavior.

This podcast episode was published on June 23, 2022 and is available here.

  1. Engaging with Companies to Better Protect Water Systems
    Publisher: The Sustainable Finance Podcast

Protecting water systems is a must in the United States given current environmental uncertainties. In this podcast, host Paul Ellis speaks with Kirsten James, Senior Program Director of Water at Ceres to discuss the Valuing Water Finance Initiative, which engages 72 companies with a high water footprint to value and act on water as a financial risk.

“Signatories to this initiative include financial institutions such as pension funds, mainstream asset owners and socially responsible investors.”

This podcast episode was published on December 4, 2022 and is accessible here.

  1. Building Authenticity and Flexibility into Your Business Model
    Publisher: The Sustainable Finance Podcast

The best part about running an independent financial advisory practice is the ability to establish a unique brand and client experience. In this podcast, Anna N’Jie-Konte, the Founder of Dare-To-Dream Financial Planning shares how she built a unique and successful business by looking at what attracted her, and adapting it to her own firm.

You’ll hear about her philosophy of marketing being rooted in the advisor’s personal story and value system for establishing trust.

This podcast episode was published on November 15, 2022. You can listen to it here.

  1. Keeping Risk Management at the Forefront to Achieve Return Goals
    Publisher: CFA Institute (Guiding Assets)

In the financial advisory profession, risk can be challenging to assess. That’s because the concept of “risk” has many definitions and dimensions. This podcast explores the nuances of the topic.  

Mike Walhberg, CFA and Reshma Rajagopalan, CFA, Quant & Analytics Specialist at FactSet, discuss how risk budgeting, risk modeling, and risk assessment tools add value in the portfolio management process. They discuss pathways for investors to stick to their investment plans and allocations, especially during turbulent times.

The podcast episode was published on November 30, 2022. You can listen to it here.

  1. Finding the Right Fintech that Fits Your Advisor Life
    Publisher: Financial Planning

CircleBlack’s CEO Lincoln Ross has been in the fintech world for a long time. In this podcast episode, he shares his vision for the company that he is building — and how this goal dates back to one of his earliest life dreams.

“I had graduated college and was looking for my first adventure. I was actually working at a library at the University of New Hampshire, and it was the late shift. So it was 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. And in the mornings, I was watching CNBC all morning and was really getting fascinated with capital markets and investing, and was just fascinated with the whole concept of wealth creation and investing in companies that were growing. And I started to explore a career there. And what I found as I entered the financial services space is that there’s a real misunderstanding or lack of knowledge with investors and consumers about the wealth creation potential that we have here. And so I started to get really excited about the concept of democratizing investments for people to achieve their hopes and dreams. And so that’s kind of the passion I have around it.”

In this podcast episode, published on November 16, 2022, he speaks to host Justin L. Mack about how advisors can find true freedom of choice when selecting their tech. 

  1. Success for Scaling Yourself as an Advisor
    Publisher: Michael Kitces (Financial Advisor Success Podcast)

This podcast features a conversation between Michael Kitces and Penny Phillips, president and co-founder of Journey Strategic Wealth, an independent RIA platform for advisors that manages over $3 billion in assets through the firms that they work with to outsource their back-office compliance and operations management.

“What’s unique about Penny, though, is her expertise in helping advisors to scale their own time and productivity to work more effectively with clients,” explains the Kitces team.

In this episode, Kitces and Phillips speak in depth about Phillips’ experience helping advisors build systems for optimally supporting clients. Phillips also shares her journey through the advisor industry, from accidentally becoming a coach who consults advisors to starting her own platform.

“And be certain to listen to the end, where Penny shares how she was surprised by how despite technology advancements in the industry, it still remains remarkably challenging to build structure and centralize operations, how Penny came to realize that making tough decisions that aren’t always popular just comes with the territory of becoming an effective leader running a growing business, and why Penny believes it is important to not only do what you love but to also keep an open mind to opportunities that may come along in life.”

This podcast episode was published in March 2022 and is available here.

  1. Inspired Money Podcast
    Publisher: Runnymede Capital Management (Andy Wang)

Money is all about mindset.

This podcast recommendation isn’t just for one episode but for a collection. 

Andy Wang, Investopedia recognized financial advisor, talks with interesting people ranging from professional athletes to CEOs, fashion designers, and artists about mindsets of success and personal growth.

These perspectives may be valuable for advisors looking to tune out while expanding their capacity for creative thinking. Check out the podcast here.

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