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CircleBlack is a wealth management platform that gives a complete financial overview of your client’s portfolio in one simple-to-access location. Using multiple aggregators Circleblack combines feeds from custodians, direct holdings and clients held-away accounts (through a client facing app and portal). CircleBlack provides the advisor the ability to generate daily performance reports, basic billing, access to clients’ 401k investment choices (not just their holdings), rebalancing (pushing out to trading), a model marketplace and much more! CircleBlack integrates with any other platform you might need such as CRM, Financial Planning and Risk Analytics. CircleBlack is committed to providing innovative technology solutions that make a difference to your practice. Learn more about our Advisor Solutions.


Advisory Board

  • Bill Bartzak
  • Marty Beaulieu
  • Steve Casper
  • Mike Castellano
  • Rege Eisaman
  • Howard Goldin
  • Ken Gruskin
  • Alan Guarino
  • Ed Watson

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