Capture Your Clients’ Attention With Personalized Content

Above And Beyond Financial Advisor Newsletters

At times, providing relevant content to your individual clients is difficult, but specific advice is highly valued by each of them. Better than financial advisor newsletters, targeted, personalized content is an effective way to offer this value to your high-net-worth clients.

CircleBlack enables you to develop stronger client relationships by providing your own alerts, unique advice and content. Financial advisor newsletters are a thing of the past. Stay in touch and have engaging conversations with your clients in order to increase your value to them.

Client Segmentation

Strategically segment your client base by demographics, lifestyle or investment type to provide more relevant and personal information to the right people.

Personalized Content

Create and share personalized content, emails and alerts with your clients based on their holdings, financials goals or any other criteria you see fit.

Insightful Communication

Foster more frequent and relevant communication with your clients and spark insightful, impactful discussions.

Forge Relationships With Efficiency

Keeping in contact with each of your hundreds of clients is no easy task. Stay connected to your client base more efficiently by leveraging CircleBlack’s wealth management solutions.

Offer More Specific, Valuable Advice