A 360 Degree view

CircleBlack provides a complete financial overview of your client’s portfolio in one, simple-to-access location. We aggregate feeds from your custodians and any direct holdings, such as mutual funds and annuities. We integrate with the services you are using for Trading, Billing, CRM, Risk Analytics AND CircleBlack then provides you with the information you need to efficiently drive your business forward in the new, modern, ever on-the-go world we live in. Whether it is generating daily performance information at the security, account, goal and portfolio level, including on held away accounts, or giving you access to your clients’ 401k investment choices (not just their holdings), CircleBlack is committed to providing innovative technology solutions that make a difference to your practice. Learn more about our Advisor Solutions.

Enhanced Client Relationships

We view our relationship as long term and one we take seriously. From our integration with CRM, planning and risk tools, to our monthly market share report and targeted content engine, CircleBlack is here to make your life easier, increase your revenue and help you to continue to build trusted client relationships.


Everything In One Place

  • Account Aggregation - Provide a complete multi-platform view
  • A Detailed View of clients' exposure, holdings and transactions
  • Performance Reporting on managed and held-away assets of clients
  • Integration - Central Hub for CRM, Financial Planning, Risk and more
  • Rebalancing & Trading - Track drift, rebalance accounts and activate trades
  • Billing - Create invoices for clients and CSV files for custodians
  • Model Marketplace - Browse and apply models to accounts from a variety of model providers
  • 5-Star Client App/Portal - Easy to use with document sharing and vault
  • Targeted Content based on clients' portfolios
  • Market Share Reports providing insight into, and a breakdown of clients' held-away assets

Single Sign On; Single Key Stroke

As an advisor, you use lots of tools: CRM, trading, billing, risk. CircleBlack takes everything you use in your practice and creates a single sign-on hub. You only need to log into CircleBlack and everything is open and communicating with each other. CircleBlack is an open two-way system: Make a change anywhere, whether in CircleBlack or another integrated system, and it will get updated everywhere it needs to.


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Directed Content

Your clients want knowledge. We give you the ability to be the source they get it from. Generate your own content or choose from our vault with pre-written commentary that you can send to your clients based on their portfolio. You are able to see who it was directed at and if they read it, or choose who it gets sent to. Need help with content? We send you a Market Share Report at the end of each month that breaks down all the held-away accounts on the system, including percentage of clients and dollar value. So you can know your information is reaching the right clients!

Learn more about our Advisor Solutions.