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Using cutting-edge technology, CircleBlack is a simple, secure, powerful platform for both Advisors and Investors . CircleBlack Advisor acts as a hub, giving your firm and advisors the tools needed to efficiently drive business forward while building more rewarding relationships with clients. 

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The CircleBlack App

CircleBlack's Investor app is a 5-Star mobile personal wealth management technology that puts your whole portfolio at your fingertips. Sending you alerts when your finances are affected and personalized Insights based on your portfolio so you have more knowledge about your money. CircleBlack watches your wealth so you can live your life.

Big Number

Big Number

Everything you have in one place. All your accounts, your work 401(k), even your Paypal. We pull it all together.

Track Performance


You can always see how you are doing. Track your whole portfolio, group accounts into goals or track individual accounts.

Watch It

Watch It

Worried about interest rates, China, the last market drop or any other financial issues? We watch what you have and if there is something you need to know; we’ll send you a WealthAlert®

Be in the Know

Be in the Know

Short, digestible content from industry experts selected just for you based on your portfolio and expressed needs. Know more about what is important to you.

Track Your Goals

Track Your Goals

Set long or short-term goals. We will let you know if something changes or if you drift off track.

All this on a 5-STAR RATED APP. Check in on your finances when it’s convenient for you.


Heard about how the market dropped in the news?

CircleBlack through Insights and Wealth Alerts provides you knowledge based on your portfolio so you can make strong decisions with your money. Learn More.

World Map

Want to see a break down of your portfolio by country?

Check on your performance or exposure or just see your total number? With CircleBlack you can do all that and more on your phone, tablet and computer. Your wealth when you want it. Learn More.



Set goals for retirement, college or just that boat you always wanted. Chose the timeline and accounts and we will watch it for you. If you start to drift we will let you know! Learn more