CircleBlack believes you deserve a clear picture of your financial security, current portfolio and future net worth. We give you the ability to set goals, make decisions about your money and to receive targeted information that makes you more knowledgeable about your investments so you can better reach your financial goals. With CircleBlack watching your wealth, you can both grow your wealth and better live your life. You can take comfort in knowing that your finances are being watched and alerting you when the market affects your wealth. CircleBlack technology addresses these universal issues and gives you financial control- all in the palm of your hand.



Our team is here for one reason only: to put you back in the driver’s seat and in control of your wealth. With multiple financial advisors, 401(k) accounts and an online investment portfolio, your financial landscape is incredibly complex and burdensome. CircleBlack developed its investment tracking software and service to address these issues head on. With a portfolio tracking app that integrates all of your accounts, you’re empowered to control your investments and ensure that they’re all working together to grow your future net worth.

The CircleBlack App

CircleBlack's Investor app is a 5-Star mobile personal wealth management technology that puts your whole portfolio at your fingertips. Sending you alerts when your finances are affected and personalized Insights based on your portfolio so you have more knowledge about your money. CircleBlack watches your wealth so you can live your life.

Big Number

Big Number

Everything you have in one place. All your accounts, your work 401(k), even your Paypal. We pull it all together.

Track Performance


You can always see how you are doing. Track your whole portfolio, group accounts into goals or track individual accounts.

Watch It

Watch It

Worried about interest rates, China, the last market drop or any other financial issues? We watch what you have and if there is something you need to know; we’ll send you a Wealth Alert.

Be in the Know

Be in the Know

Short, digestible content from industry experts selected just for you based on your portfolio and expressed needs. Know more about what is important to you.

Track Your Goals

Track Your Goals

Set long or short-term goals. We will let you know if something changes or if you drift off track.

All this on a 5-STAR RATED APP. Check in on your finances when it’s convenient for you.



Set goals for retirement, college or just that boat you always wanted. Chose the timeline and accounts and we will watch it for you. If you start to drift we will let you know!

Keeping Your Information Secure