Financial Control And Insight

With CircleBlack, Your Investment Tracking Software And Service

It seems as if the only way to gain control of your wealth is to be overwhelmingly active – monitoring your many investment accounts 24/7. With our investment tracking software and service, however, you don’t have to invest your precious time. Our technology tracks your portfolio for you.

CircleBlack addresses your time constraints, financial complexity and trust issues by securely integrating your assets into a single, comprehensive portfolio, monitoring your current net worth and helping you grow your future net worth.

Our investment and portfolio tracking software and service navigates the mess of global investment news, pinpointing information that’s pertinent to your portfolio, financial security and long-term financial goals. When CircleBlack discovers an important issue, we send an alert directly to your smartphone.

With this information, you are empowered to take your own action, share the alert with your financial advisor or speak with him or her directly.

With such control, managing and shaping your future net worth is simpler, smarter and more personalized. Additionally, you benefit from the app’s intelligent and intuitive portfolio analysis.

Gain Financial Control & Insight