Monitor Your Wealth And Goals 24/7 with CircleBlack, Your Portfolio Tracking App And Service

To date, sound and efficient investment tracking has been a challenge. You’ve been forced into a stressful investment landscape with no good way to track your wealth. But, with CircleBlack – the investment and portfolio tracking app and service – your life has changed for the better.

How healthy is my portfolio? What’s going on in the world that’s impacting my future net worth?

With CircleBlack monitoring your wealth 24/7, you have the answers.

Free yourself from financial uncertainty and leverage our portfolio tracking software, app and service, which gives you the financial knowledge you need to better manage your investments and achieve financial security.

Stay In The Know, On Your Terms

Be informed about your portfolio, but on your terms. Receive complete portfolio updates and alerts and view your financial dashboard to learn everything you need to know about your money and financial goals.

Proactive Portfolio Alerts

The CircleBlack portfolio tracking app monitors your money at all times and sends you personalized, proactive alerts when anything impacts your wealth. With our portfolio analysis of your assets, as well as insight into your risks, exposure and projected future net worth, you know what’s helping (or hurting) your journey toward a comfortable retirement.

Empowered To Take Action

When you receive a Wealth Alert, CircleBlack gives you the option to take action, because what good is this knowledge if you don’t act to protect and strengthen your financial standing? Forward alerts and collaborate with your financial advisors or confidants, or make necessary adjustments on your own.

Supervise Your Wealth Without Worry