Portfolio Analysis And Peer Benchmarking Built On Your Terms

Are you saving enough to retire? Does your current and future net worth stack up to that of your peers? Should your portfolio be performing better? CircleBlack’s customized portfolio analysis and benchmarking capabilities help you address these questions. Measure your progress and compare your wealth to that of people who are similar to you.

Customized Comparison

Choose how to break down your peer comparisons and benchmarking based on a specific set of parameters, including:

  • Standard Demographics
    Benchmark by age, income, family size and more.
  • Lifestyle
    Compare yourself to people who have similar professions or employers. Eventually, you will be able to compare yourself to your contacts who are also using CircleBlack.
  • Types Of Investments
    Sort by asset classes, regions and portfolio distribution.

Intuitive, Insightful Portfolio Analysis

Leverage the CircleBlack investment and portfolio tracking software to truly understand how your investments are performing and how your wealth compares to peer portfolios. Major elements of your portfolio analysis include:

  • Percentage Toward Your Desired Future Net Worth
    See how your percentage compares to that of your peers.
  • Rate Of Return
    Compare the growth of your wealth in relation to your peers.
  • Asset Allocation
    Determine whether you are under or overinvested in specific asset classes compared to your peers.
  • Portfolio Risk
    Compare your desired risk tolerance and actual portfolio risk to that of your peers.

Conduct Portfolio Analysis On Your Terms