Financial Security And Control Over Your Future Net Worth

When it comes to your money and future net worth, what’s more stressful than having no control? There are few people you can trust, you don’t know how wealthy you truly are – and you’re too busy to track your investments and confirm your financial security.

Despite your affluence, you don’t feel comfortable about your financial future. CircleBlack is the remedy. This investment tracking software and service empowers you to take control of your wealth:

  • Access Control
    Control the access that your financial advisors and support system have to the accounts you put on CircleBlack. You are in control, soyou decide which parts of your portfolio to share – and with whom.
  • Leverage WealthAlerts
    When you receive notifications concerning your portfolio and future net worth, choose to relay these alerts to your advisor, CPA or others in order to collaborate and receive timely advice.
  • Anytime Profile Updates
    Adjust your CircleBlack profile at any time to reflect any changes in your life that influence your desired future net worth, other long-term financial goals, peer benchmarks and more.