100% Financial Visibility

Into Your Current And Future Net Worth

Knowledge is power. Without visibility into your wealth and where it stands, how do you know if your future net worth will enable you to maintain your lifestyle when you retire?

CircleBlack equips you with the power to securely view your complete financial picture – in real time and in ways that are truly unique to you.

Personalize Your Profile

Personalize your CircleBlack profile with all of the information that affects your financial goals – demographics, desired lifestyle, investment activities, holdings and more.

Customize Your View

How you best understand your financial security is not necessarily the same way in which others do. The CircleBlack investment tracking software makes it easy to monitor and comprehend how your future net worth is progressing with simple, easily understood graphs and charts.

Measure Your True Wealth

There’s no way to know if you’re tracking toward your long-term financial goals if you can’t definitively say how much you’re worth. The first step toward gaining financial control is determining your true wealth and portfolio risk with real-time depictions of your total assets. This is the foundation of the CircleBlack service.

Track Your Goals How You See Fit

Set customized goals and easily map and track your portfolio for a clear roadmap from your current wealth to your future net worth. Should you fall behind on your goals, CircleBlack alerts you so you can take action to get back on track.

Empower Yourself With Financial Transparency