Breakaway RIAs

Rapid setup. Seamless transition. Delightful experience.

To transition successfully, breakaway advisors must…

  • Setup a new organization – considering everything from legal and payroll, to insurance and custodian selection.
  • Select wealthtech vendors – including CRM, financial planning, performance reporting, risk, billing & research providers.
  • Communicate the rationale for the transition and the benefits it provides to clients.
  • Offer clients a frictionless transition experience that minimizes leakage.
  • Deliver a quality client experience that delights clients who join.

… however, breakaway advisors face many challenges.

  • The process of setting up a new organization is cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Legal obstacles to communicating with clients can create confusion & leakage.
  • Navigating the landscape of wealthtech vendors can be daunting.
  • Learning how to operate new software platforms can take months.
  • Transitioning client accounts can be cumbersome and require multiple client interactions.
  • The client experience offered by many wealthtech providers is outdated and inferior to wirehouse experience.

CircleBlack helps breakaway advisors overcome these challenges and succeed as independent RIAs

Everything you need

One stop shop for complete wealthtech needs, including CRM, planning, reporting, trading & rebalancing, risk, and billing – reducing the time it takes to evaluate multiple vendors.

Rapid onboarding

<4 week onboarding time, with white-glove service for migration of historical data and any additional services needed.

Seamless client transition

Use our client portal to assist with onboarding , reducing friction in the client transition process.

Easy to use advisor hub

Simple, modern, intuitive advisor experience that’s easy to learn.

Superior client experience

Branded client experience app that exceeds what is offered by wirehouses, providing clients access to holdings and performance data, financial plans, invoices, and news articles.

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