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Save Time. Delight Clients. Win Business.

We understand successful advisors must

  • Develop a clear understanding of prospects’ goals
  • Generate compelling proposals & plans
  • Offer frictionless onboarding leveraging automation
  • Engage in a regular dialog that deepens relationships
  • Deliver invoices & collect fees in a transparent manner
  • Maintain compliance with applicable regulations

…and overcome many challenges to success

  • Market is increasingly competitive, making it difficult to win new clients
  • Client data resides at multiple institutions, making it difficult to understand holistic financial situation
  • Onboarding is cumbersome, adding friction to initial interactions
  • Financial plans & performance reports have too much detail
  • Inaccurate & confusing invoices impact credibility
  • Administrative activities are repetitive, time consuming, and requires use of multiple systems

CircleBlack helps advisors overcome these challenges to achieve success

Standout from competition

Provide a modern & differentiated client experience that’s distinguished from the competition.

Reduce onboarding friction

Easily connect to custodial and held away accounts and share documents with clients, enabling more productive discussions and simplifying the onboarding process.

Gain holistic client insights

Access, edit, & update information that sits across multiple technology platforms, all from one place, freeing up time and marking it easier to identify insights.

Streamline performance discussions

Deliver simple and elegant financial reports that are accurate, visually compelling, and easy for clients to understand.

Deliver results

Offer sophisticated trading & model based rebalancing capabilities that enhance client outcomes.

Operate transparently

Deliver simple, accurate & timely invoices and collect fees in a manner that builds trust.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Simplify practice management activities, decreasing time spent on repetitive, time consuming, and low value-add administrative tasks and reducing training costs.

Leading advisors choose CircleBlack

Streamlined reporting

“Our previous all-in-one vendor offered too many reporting capabilities that we never used and were overpaying for, and the reports themselves looked outdated. The experience with CircleBlack is so much simpler and the reports look better – we’re really pleased we switched”

– Dani Mutz, co-founder at Cross State Financial

Simplified billing capabilities

“We had a choice to bill our clients using our billing fee calculations and structure: ending balance, monthly, and in advance, etc. Managing billing in Excel had been a nightmare, but CircleBlack makes it easy. ”it only takes 20% of the time it used to!  Now we do it consistently which creates a better client experience”

– Andy Schroeder, Safeguard Wealth

Strong client experience

“What our clients want most is transparent and accessible service. CircleBlack allows us to offer an online platform and mobile app that allows our clients to track their wealth 24/7. This enables our financial advisors to deliver the personalized service our clients deserve.”

Chief Investment Officer at Glen Eagle

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