Use Cases

Manage clients & prospects – seamlessly

Allow prospects to easily connect accounts
Prospects can download a branded firm app and connect their custodial and held away accounts ahead of an initial call with an advisor, leaving a strong first impression with the client and providing the advisor with a clearer view into the prospect’s financial situation.
Allow prospects to easily share financial documents
Prospects can easily share tax documents, bank statements, and other critical financial information with advisors through the secure document vault accessible via a firm branded app and portal – putting the critical prospect information at the advisor’s fingertips, and eliminating the need to use less secure channels like email or 3rd party cloud storage providers.
Simplify proposal & financial plan generation process
CircleBlack allows clients to easily connect account data and have it passed along to their advisors’ wealthtech tools of choice. Without CircleBlack, clients often must connect their account data to each of their advisors’ wealthtech tools individually, adding friction to the onboarding process and negatively impacting client satisfaction.
Configure and store preferred investment models
Use CircleBlack’s model configuration tool to easily create, name, and store your most-used investment models for easy assignment to client accounts at a later date. Automatically assign a risk score for each model (with integrated risk partner) and generate an automated research report detailing historical performance based on a mix of underlying securities.
Easily apply stored investment models to client accounts
Easily assign your pre-configured models to new client accounts, review trades required to bring accounts in-line with the model, and execute trades via direct connection or trade files.
Perform daily “heat-check” across client households
Access a robust advisor dashboard that provides a view across all client households in a single location, where you can see outstanding tasks to complete for the day (including tasks from your CRM system), receive wealth alerts notifying of any material changes to client accounts, and view a range of metrics for each account, such as target vs.actual risk score, probability of success score, account drift vs. assigned model, and more.
Easily execute rebalancing trades for drifted accounts

Receive notifications about accounts that have exceeded drift thresholds, review trades required to bring accounts back into balance, generate a rebalance report to share with your client for approval, and easily execute model based rebalancing trades via direct connection or trade files.

Facilitate regular performance discussions with clients
Create performance reports at regular intervals aligning with your client discussion cadence, and easily share with clients using the document vault that’s accessible via the client portal & mobile app. Real-time summary performance data is also available as “live tiles” in the client portal & mobile app, which can be accessed by clients at any time.
Regularly invoice clients and easily collect fees
Create invoices at preferred billing intervals, and easily share with clients using the document vault that is accessible via the client portal & mobile app. Generate billing files for the entire practice for easy upload to custodial platforms for simple fee collection.
Share marketing collateral or research insights with prospects and clients based on smart criteria
Easily upload & store articles, research, marketing collateral, and more in the document vault, and share with clients & prospects based on a range of household-level portfolio characteristics such as asset class, sector, account type, security holdings, client age, risk, and more.

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