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Oct 2, 2023 | Customer Stories

How Rovin Capital Runs a Robust Small Business RIA

At Rovin Capital, every customer gets personal service. 

“The relationship with our client is definitely the most important aspect of our business,” says Eric Pierce, COO, partner, and wealth advisor at Rovin Capital. “Without that, the client could go anywhere.” 

“It’s a great business model to have sticky clients who enjoy working with you. Some of our clients have been with us for more than 40 years.” 

Focused on this principle, Rovin Capital has built a human-first technology stack to support the relationship between advisors at the firm and their clients. Here’s how Rovin creates alignment between the firm’s people, processes, and systems.

Introducing Rovin Capital

Rovin Capital is in the business of helping people. To this end, they are committed to staying independent and scaling slowly to make growth doesn’t impact supporting their clients. This is a business approach Rovin finds personally fulfilling.

“It’s meaningful to sit down with someone and help put that person on a path to financial success,” says Pierce. “It’s about helping people reach their goals.”

Beyond helping clients reach financial goals, Pierce strives to create a working dynamic built on an underlying sense of compassion and care.

“Treat people like they want to be treated,” says Pierce. “Last week, a client learned that I was traveling and invited me to stay at his guest house. Being a financial advisor is about moments like these. The small company experience is better for me than a larger firm, in a lot of ways.”

Personal connections are critical to Rovin’s business.

“Our goal is to get very specific about financial planning,” says Pierce. “The majority of our customers are small business owners. There’s a lot that we can offer them versus individual clients who don’t own a business.”

Why CircleBlack?

CircleBlack enables efficient client service using empathy and data-rich engagements.

“Previously, we were using Orion before CircleBlack,” says Pierce. “I felt like they had a million tools, and we probably used 5% of them. A lot of this tech was really confusing to use and to try to get an answer for how to use it. Orion was too big to grow with us.”

A search for new technology led the team at Rovin Capital to CircleBlack.

“CircleBlack was the best fit for our company as far as what we were going to use the technology for, which was primarily for performance reporting, client portals, and a dashboard for the firm.”

“CircleBlack has been super helpful in building out the platform exactly as we need it.”

Software Built for People

Rovin has built its technology stack with detailed precision. CircleBlack has become a part of the firm’s critical relationship-strengthening workflows with investors.

“CircleBlack does a great job listening to us,” says Pierce. “They’ve built out solutions for custom investments that are outside the normal custodian.”

The following CircleBlack software features have been particularly valuable for the team at Rovin.

Practical, Engaging Performance Reporting

Rovin’s technology stack integrates multiple solutions, including Riskalyze, MoneyGuidePro, Levitate, and Salesforce. CircleBlack’s client dashboard makes it easy for advisors to view an integrated perspective.

“Any time I’m going to reach out to a client, I can just pull up that household in CircleBlack, which gives me that investor’s current balance at my fingertips,” says Pierce. “I can see all of their accounts, go back several years, and easily research what’s been going on.”

With CircleBlack, the team at Rovin knows what’s going on with every client at every moment.

Streamlined Self-Service for Clients

With CircleBlack, Rovin Capital has been able to deploy a Rovin-branded app that clients can easily access without anyone at Rovin needing to do development of any kind. 

“Clients can easily download our firm’s app to see their investments in one place,” says Pierce. “All of our clients have alternative investments that are not possible to access in the Schwab app.”

The app gives clients a high-level view of their financials, accessible anywhere and anytime.

“We do a lot of custom portfolio management and investments such as private debt and private equity for our clients,” explains Pierce. “Education is a key part of ensuring we are on the same page.”

Impeccable Customer Support

For Rovin Capital, CircleBlack operates as an extended team to the firm.

“One experience comes to mind when CircleBlack’s customer support team was especially important for us,” says Pierce. “We had a client meeting on Monday, and on the previous Friday, we noticed that something on a performance report wasn’t quite right. We emailed Matt and Jon at CircleBlack and they got right on it — over the weekend. The issue was resolved so that we had all of our reports ready for our Monday meeting.”

From urgent requests to development needs, Pierce explains that the CircleBlack team always listens and takes the initiative to offer assistance when they can proactively.


Maintaining a Sense of Calm

Despite uncertainty in the markets, Rovin Capital’s clients are generally calm and confident in their investment decisions.

“Our clients have a deep trust in us to do what’s best for them and what’s in their best interest,” says Pierce. “

CircleBlack is here to help

CircleBlack is an all-in-one management platform for financial advisors. We help RIAs communicate and collaborate better with their customers.

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