Gemstone Insights

Gemstone Insights™ is CircleBlack’s suite of data-driven next best action recommendations for financial advisors. Gemstone Insights™ unify data across CircleBlack’s data aggregation network and wealthtech integrations to identify non-obvious, useful and actionable insights. CircleBlack’s ecosystem orchestration technology makes it the only industry platform able to identify these insights from an advisor’s chosen technology stack.
Sapphire Insights image
Sapphire Insights™ deliver operational next best action recommendations that save time and improve customer satisfaction. Some common use case include:
  • Significant withdrawals and contributions
  • Bond and CD maturities
  • Required minimum distributions
  • Firm compliance filings
Emerald Insights image
Emerald Insights™ deliver client retention next best action recommendations that identify potential risks to client satisfaction. Some common use cases include:
  • Underperforming accounts
  • Unusual log-in activity
  • Negative sentiment in CRM data
  • Fee billing outliers or deviations
Diamond Insights image
Diamond Insights™ deliver growth oriented next best action recommendations that identify opportunities to expand wallet share with current clients. Some common use cases include:
  • Out of service retirement plan accounts
  • Excess cash deposits
  • Vested RSA and ESOP awards
  • Unmanaged brokerage accounts or direct mutual funds (DST)

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